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Eva Bay Greenslade

EVA BAY GREENSLADE - Pregnancy within the Sacred Directions

DATE : Tuesday 16th July 2019

TIME : 10.30am - 16.00pm

VENUE : Elements of Avebury , 1 Green street, Avebury, Wiltshire, SN8 1RE

COST : £35

DETAILS : During this workshop you will be able to connect to your pregnancy, baby, and your own Spirit Within on a deeper shamanic level safely within the Medicine Wheel / also known the Sacred Directions. We will honour each element within your pregnancy through ceremonies, chanting, drum journeying, working also within the energies of the incredible stones of Avebury in ceremony to help you and your baby prepare for your birth in a more shamanic way.
Pregnancy and birth is a rite of passage for the mother and baby, I believe it is important to honour it well.

Please bring lunch with you, there are also places to eat near by too.
Water, and hot drinks will be provided.
Please also be prepared for all weather as we will be doing a ceremony outside.
There are car parks you can park in near by at a small fee, or free if you are a National Trust member.

Please arrive for 10.30am - we will finish at 4pm

This workshop is for expectant mothers of any stage in pregnancy.

TO BOOK  : Contact Eva - 07915 406 520

For more details or to book visit Eva Bay's website or contact Eva Bay by email or phone on 07915 406 520.

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