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Masha Bennett

MASHA BENNETT - Trauma Awareness for Sound Healers

DATE : Saturday 29th February 2020 - Sunday 1st March 2020

TIME : 9:30 to 17:00 both days

VENUE : Studio Fields, Shillingford Road, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8LQ

COST : £200

DETAILS : This is a two day workshop covering both practical and theoretical aspects of working with clients who have experienced trauma, within the context of sound healing/sound therapy practice as well as more generally in a holistic therapy setting. A maximum of 12 places is available.
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“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”
(Leonard Cohen)
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Practitioners and healers working with any aspect of sound healing or sound therapy including the voice, gongs, singing bowls, drums and other instruments. It is also suitable for other holistic practitioners such as yoga teachers, massage and reiki therapists who do not necessarily use sound in their work, but may encounter traumatised clients where the treatment could potentially trigger a trauma reaction. This workshop can be counted towards annual CPD hours for members of the College of Sound Healing.


~ how to recognise the signs of trauma in their clients
~ important differences between developmental trauma and shock trauma/PTSD
~ the basic neuroscience of trauma and how to apply it in practise
~ significance of Adverse Childhood Experiences
~ the essential components on trauma healing
~ why sound healing and some other holistic therapies may be particularly effective in releasing trauma and how it may also trigger traumatic reactions
~ the risk of vicarious traumatisation in therapists and how to help to prevent it
~ a range of simple techniques and approaches that will help both them and their clients stay safe and grounded during and after the session and in between sessions
~ steps that need to be taken to assess and manage potential risk with a client who is in severe distress
~ options for referral to trauma specialists and other mental health professionals
Please note: Attendance on this workshop does *not* qualify you to *treat* trauma (for that, you would need to undertake a much more extensive course of practical and theoretical study). What it *will* do is: (a) give you knowledge and resources to be a safer, more mindful practitioner when you work with people who may have been traumatised, and (b) help you facilitate your group and individual sessions to maximise opportunities for healing / minimise chances of re-traumatisation.


The course fee is £200, with a £50 deposit to secure your place. The balance must be paid 4 weeks before the course and there will be no refunds thereafter. Prior to that date, cancellations will incur a £25 admin fee. Payment is accepted by cheque or BACS transfer. Your place will be confirmed on receipt of a deposit.

Included in the fee:
~ tuition and post course support if needed
~ comprehensive course manual in electronic format
~ CPD certificates
~ light refreshments in the morning and during the two breaks each day
~ please note lunch is not included and you will need to bring or purchase your own - there are shops in Wallingford (within a short driving distance)


The 2-day Trauma Awareness for Holistic Therapists workshop covers very similar ground, but within a wider context of complementary and alternative medicine, and is taught by Masha a couple of times a year in different locations around the country. Please enquire by email


It is important to note that whilst some aspects of this course may be healing, it’s main purpose is educational - it is not intended as a replacement for personal therapy. As this course deals with trauma and other potentially distressing material, before booking your place, please be sure that you are able to take part in discussions that may touch on some difficult topics, without detriment to yourself. It is particularly important that you have enough sleep, do not over work, eat well, drink plenty of water and take time to connect to nature, in the few days before the course as well as after it.

FEEDBACK FROM STUDENTS (quoted with permission)

“Fabulous content, professional and pleasing delivery of a difficult subject. Safely held over the two days. Really excellent and beyond my expectations.”

“I found the weekend informative, crystallising various issues for me, and encouraging to continue what I do, only better.”

“Great course for a grounding in trauma awareness, and working with clients safely during potential trauma release.”

“A good overview of trauma and a masterclass in providing a safe space for exploration.”

“A safe space to explore trauma awareness - connecting to myself and recognising and accepting what is there. Good toolkit resources to work with clients, recognising signs of trauma and how best to support them. It has taken the fear out of trauma.”

“It has been a privilege to benefit from the experience of such a well-informed, connected and skilful presenter. It has been inspiring and deeply effective.”

“It was excellent! The publicity describes what you get very clearly… You held a safe, well boundaried space - I was able to be present with the information, and my own responses to it.”

"Very informative course, I feel like I have learned so much to help me with understanding why people react and what happens in the brain. You're so easy to talk to and so knowledgeable."

"I am so glad I came on this course - it has filled a hole in my knowledge that I didn't know I had before I came."

"Thank you so much. I have never been in a workshop that has held my attention all the way through. You are a remarkable teacher."

"Excellent weekend course. Masha was brilliant. The information on trauma was delivered in a sincere and compassionate way. Would recommend to everyone."

TO BOOK  : To book a place or for questions about the venue and organisational matters, contact the host and organiser, Alison Russell, at 07917 015951. For enquiries about the course content and structure contact the tutor, Masha Bennett, at 07887 617558.

For more details or to book visit Masha's website or contact Masha by email or phone on 07887 617558
View Masha's Video Introduction.

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