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Simon Heather

SIMON HEATHER - Assemblage Point Workshop

DATE : Saturday 22nd May 2021 - Sunday 23rd May 2021

TIME : 10am - 5pm

VENUE : Southam Village Hall, School Lane, Southam, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 3NS

COST : £175

DETAILS : The Assemblage Point is the main place where our energy field connects with our physical body. The Assemblage Point is directly connected with our life force energy.

The position of the Assemblage Point has a direct effect on our physical and psychological health. If the Assemblage Point is too low we will experience chronic fatigue. If it is too high our behaviour will be manic and aggressive.

In this workshop you will learn -

The different positions of the Assemblage Point and what they mean
How to find the position of the Assemblage Point
How to re-align your Assemblage Point
How to work with clients to re-align their Assemblage Point

TO BOOK  : To book your place please send a £50 deposit. Please contact Simon using the e-mail link below.

For more details or to book visit Simon's website or contact Simon by email or phone on 01242 230 904.

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