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Eva Bay Greenslade

EVA BAY GREENSLADE - Double sided Healing Drum Making

DATE : Thursday 19th May 2022 - Friday 20th May 2022

TIME : 10am until 5pm

VENUE : Anahata Clinic , Birtley House,, Bramley, Surrey, GU5 0LB

COST : £350

DETAILS : You are invited to create, and birth your unique double sided healing drum in the beautiful woodland in Surrey, among old trees, with the aroma of wood smoke, and the call of the buzzards above.

These drums are designed for group work, healing work, sound healing, birth keeping, doulaing. The double sides is for supporting others, with the double sided heart resonating to the drum holder and their client, Or for mother earth.

10 till 5 thursday, 10 till 3 friday.

To book or for more information contact:

If you miss this drum birthing workshop, some of our Sacred Drumming teachers are running two other dates, in July and September in other locations.

With love,
Sacred Drumming Practitioner UK Teachers and Teachers in training:
Eva, Jeannie, Rosie, Ally, Mirijam, Sandy and Aoife

TO BOOK  : Contact Eva Greenslade:

For more details or to book visit Eva Bay's website or contact Eva Bay by email or phone on 07915 406 520.

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