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Sound Healing Practice by Simon Heather

This is the course book for the sound healing training. It contains all the information that is covered on the five parts of the course.

There are sections on - Finding Your Voice, Grounding, Listening, Sounding, Breath, Harmonics, Sound Healing Treatment, Using Tuning Forks, Colour, Healing Emotions, Healing Pain, Silence, Music as Medicine, Dissonance, Musical Intervals, Indian Scale, Fundamental Sound, Sound Healing through the Chakras, The Five Elements, Sanskrit Sounds.

Cost £12 plus £4 p+p.

Order on-line from Simon's web site, or for mail-order by cheque, please e-mail Simon for details.

The Healing Power of Sound by Simon Heather

How to Enrich your Life with Sound and Music

This is probably the clearest, most comprehensive book on the healing power of sound available. It contains 108 A4 pages packed with information on all aspects of sound healing. The book also includes colour photographs of cancer cells being destroyed with sound and the effect of sound on healthy cells.

The book covers the history of sound healing, the theory of sound healing, harmonics and scientific research into the healing power of sound. The book shows how sound and music can be used as medicine for the body, mind and spirit.

There are sections on music therapy, correct breathing, humming, singing, toning, overtoning and finding your fundamental sound. The book also covers chant, mantra and sounds for the chakras.

There are lots of practical exercises in the book to help you to reconnect with your voice, to tune yourself up, to find your own sound and to balance your chakras. There is a section in the book on how to find your mantra. The book covers the theory and practice of sound healing for therapists who wish to integrate sound healing into their healing practice.

Cost £12 plus £4 p+p

Order on-line from Simon's web site, or for mail-order by cheque, please e-mail Simon for details.

The Healing Power of Music by Simon Heather

This book explores the reasons why listening to music is so healing for us. It contains a wealth of information about scientific research into the healing effects of music. The book also contains colour photographs, links to sound bites and links to numerous useful web sites.

The book has sections on - The Origins of Music, What are Musical Scales, The Ancient Greek Modes, Harmonics, Why is Music Healing, Intervals in Nature, The Effects of Different Musical Intervals, Dissonance, The Well Tempered Scale, How did the Musical Scale Develop, Why Babies Prefer Harmony.

There are sections on - The Characteristics of Different Musical Keys, Colour and Musical Pitches, Music and Emotional Response, Music and the Brain, Scientific Research into the Effects of Music, How Music Affects Us, Can Listening to Music be Harmful to Us, Singing and Health, Singing in Schools and the Effects of Music on Plants and Animals.

The book contains extensive references for all the information contained. (The book has 124 A4 pages)

Cost £12 plus £4 p+p (£12 for pdf version)

Order on-line from Simon's web site, or for mail-order by cheque, please e-mail Simon for details.

Songbooks and Music Resources - Penny Burns

Penny Burns has created songbooks and other music resources that will be useful for teachers, group-leaders and therapists. They are now available as physical copies or digital downloads by going to


If you are ordering CDs by post, please expect long delays due to the postal dispute.

Simon Heather

  • Sacred Chants Teaching CD, Volumes 1 and 2
  • Sounds of the Chakras CD
  • Voice Workshop CD
  • The Healing Power of Musical Intervals CD
  • Sound Healing Workshop CD
  • Sanskrit Mantra Workshop CD
  • College Course CD

To purchase these CDs please visit Simon Heather's website.

Lynda Hills

  • Birthing Relaxations - Preparing for Birth CD

Ange Leake

  • Shadows and Light - 13 Heart Warming Songs - £13 including p&p
    Listen to a sample of the songs on YouTube.
  • Meditations with Breath and Sound CD - £11 including p&p.
    Two meditations, one for morning and one for evening, approximately 12 minutes each. Both meditations use conscious connected breathing and sound to help to create a focussed and peaceful state.

To purchase these CDs please email Ange Leake for details.

Stephanie Hiller

  • Sound Meditation with Shakuhachi - A CD of Shakuhachi (Japanese Zen flute) music, designed to be used as an aid to meditation or relaxation - £10 plus £1 p&p (UK rate).

To purchase this CD, and for overseas postage rates, please visit Stephanie Hiller's website.

Gill Evans

  • Spirit Song CD - £10 plus £2 p&p.
    "The intention I placed while making this CD was for harmony and healing for all who listen to it."
    The CD contains four tracks for relaxation, meditation or healing. On the CD you will hear Chris Thorn on didgeridoo and Gill Evans on voice, drum, flute and Himalayan bowls. They weave together beautiful sounds for relaxation and harmony.

Please contact Gill for details.

Faith Challinor-Wheatley

  • Sound Odyssey Cosmic Alignment - £12.99 plus £2 p&p.
    This sound recording was created on the day of spring equinox and Lunar Eclipse of 2015, a time when solar and lunar energies converged. The sound recording was recorded at the theatre of Craig Y Nos Castlein the valley of the Sleeping Giant.
    The CD explores the power and intimacy of the sounds created by singing bowls, bells, conch, other musical instruments and inspirational vocal chants expressed within the  theatre's chamber of peace. The CD allows the listener to go within their own inner temple for healing, peace and contemplation.
  • Healing Ambient Chants and Sounds for Inner Peace CD - Essence of Chants from the Heart - £12.99 plus £2 p&p.
    This CD contains three tracks,one being the introduction of the Peace Mantra words, followed by six inspirational chants that lead you on to a sound conclusion with various musical instruments including sounding bowls, singing bowls and gongs. A journey for inner peace and quiet contemplation to assist relaxation, meditation and well being.
  • The Peace Mantra Odyssey CD - A Musical Journey through the spheres of Light, Sound and Silence for inner Peace - £14.99 plus £2 p&p.
    This developed therapeutic sound recording was recorded in the grounds of Craig-y-nos Castle in the heart of the Swansea Valley and at Bridgerowstudios. The 5 tracks, takes the individual through a healing musical journey through the spheres of Light, Sound and Silence with tradional musical instruments of healing, such as gongs, sounding bowls and various others, including the alchemy of Faith's voice.

To order these CDs please visit Faith Challinor-Wheatley's website.

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