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The Crystal Bowl and Himalayan Bowl Practitioner Training Diploma Course © is taken over three weekends with a three month period between each weekend. Completion of the training will give the participants the knowledge and tools required to become a Crystal Bowl and Himalayan Bowl Practitioner.

In order to be awarded a Practitioner Diploma a total of 18 case studies will need to be completed and there will be an assessment on giving a group sound bath which is covered on Part Three. As well as completing the core curriculum, students will need to complete one additional Sound Healing Workshops. Details of these workshops can be found on the Sound Healing Workshops page.

The Training Course is run in Bedfordshire, Devon, Hampshire, Lancashire and Wiltshire. It is based upon hands-on experiential training and students get support from highly experienced Tutors.

Core Curriculum

1. Crystal Bowls

What is Sound Healing, how does it work on the physical and energetic bodies
Understanding Harmonics and their role in Sound Healing
The Birth of a Crystal Bowl
Crystal Bowls and Sound
Types of Bowls and playing techniques
Basic Healing Session
The Role of Intention in Sound Healing
The Energy System and Crystal Bowls

The Human Body and the Metabolic Pathway
Areas of Body and Emotions governed by the Chakras
The Levels of the Auric Field
Where do Energy Blockages come from
Dowsing the Chakras and the Energy Field
Full Healing session
Cleansing your Crystal Bowls
Programming your Crystal Bowls and Structured Water

2. Himalayan Bowls

The History of Himalayan Bowls
Modern day Bowls how are they made, where do they come from
Choosing your Bowl, playing techniques and wands available
Chakra Keywords
Full Healing Session
Cleansing your Himalayan Bowls

Advanced Techniques - Ululation, playing Bowls directly on the body, Bowl Massage technique, Toning with the Bowls and Triad Layout for Bowls
Using Complimentary Sound and Colour
Energy diagnosis using Tingshas
Using Himalayan Bowls and Tingshas to cleanse a space

3. Graduation Weekend

Giving a Group Sound Healing Bath – Points to consider
Finding a venue, costs, advertising, setting up the space.
Using different instruments, Shruti Box, Chimes, Bird Whistles, Bowls and Percussion etc.

Treating People with Life Limiting Conditions
Code of Conduct
Setting up a Sound Healing Practice

Course Details

It is helpful if participants have had some experience of healing or voice work before attending the course.

There will be a practical evaluation at part three in which participants give a group sound bath. Eighteen practise treatments (case studies) will need to be carried out and written up to complete the course.

At the end of the course, provided the participants have satisfactorily completed their 18 case studies, the group sound bath assessment, attended all three weekends and completed an additional Sound Healing Workshop, they will be presented with their Crystal Bowl and Himalayan Bowl Practitioner’s Diploma by the College. A fee of £20.00 will be charged by the College for the Diploma.

College Membership
At Part Two of the Practitioner Training Course you will need to become a Student Member of the College. Student membership is £40.00 and has a duration of two years, giving you plenty of time to complete your Practitioner Training.
To become a Student Member please go to the Student Membership page.

Once you have completed the Practitioner Training you can become a Member of the College of Sound Healing (MCSH) and the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA). The cost of College Membership is £50.00 per annum (if paid before February 28th) or £60.00 if paid after February 28th.

Anatomy And Physiology
Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology and hold a current first aid certificate.

Once they have qualified, College Members are expected to choose activities to fulfil a minimum of 20 hours Continuing Professional Development per year.

£200.00 per weekend workshop and includes the course manual. Students will need to become Student Members of the College and have insurance cover while they are training. Student Membership costs £40.00 for two years and Insurance for Student Members is £35.50 per annum.

Students will need to purchase three Crystal Bowls after Part One and three Himalayan Bowls after Part Two in order to do their case studies.

The College has a Block Insurance Scheme. The premiums are £35.50 for Student Members and £56.50 for Graduates in the UK. Students need to have insurance cover while they are undergoing the Practitioner Training. Practitioners who already have insurance cover may be able to add Sound Healing to their existing policy at no extra charge.

Please contact the course Tutor to make sure that there is space on the course before you book your place. The number of places on each course is limited so that students can get the maximum support from the course Tutor.

To reserve your place you will need to make an £120.00 deposit and the balance of £120.00 will need to be paid at least two weeks prior to each course weekend. All payments should be made to the Tutor directly by BACs or cheque. Please make sure that you fill in the booking form and send it to the Tutor.


RM - "I had the absolute pleasure of spending 3 beautiful weekends with June and Rob, alongside several other lovely souls, learning all about crystal and Himalayan singing bowls. I have been using these instruments in my own practice anyway, and thought I knew it all! I was hugely mistaken, I actually only knew the bare essentials before taking June and Robs Sound Practitioner Course. The delivery of this course couldn't have been any better. Highly informative, learned so many new techniques on how to play and harmonise with the bowls, it was nothing short of mind blowing. And the sonic massage! Well, what can I say. Loved it, absolutely spectacular and my clients love it too. My confidence has grown immensely in playing a variety of instruments as June and Robs collection is vast, which we all had the pleasure of utilising as part of the course. If you love sound therapy, then this course is definitely the go to course. Beautiful energies, fun, informative, and enlightening. Highly recommend."

SD - "I had a mind blowing time on this course thank you very much. I had no idea how much was involved with singing bowl healing. I found the course well laid out with plenty of hands on learning. The manual is amazing and your experience, advice and tips invaluable. Your approach is friendly and relaxed. I felt able to ask anything and really appreciated the open relaxed environment. What a lovely bunch of people on the course!! I’m really excited to be part of this world and looking forward to seeing you all again."

Helen - "I gave a Himalayan Bowl treatment to a friend of mine and I also did an Energy Field split repair. It was very profound and seemed to go really well with great effects on her which I think will be really valuable. So I just want to say thank you to you both for all your help and guidance. The ramifications of what you are teaching is rippling outwards in lovely ways!"

Estelle - "The Bowl Practitioner course has been a rewarding and enriching experience, and I feel like I struck gold finding Rob and June as tutors, who are truly experts in their field, and are brilliant teachers. The course was comprehensive and in-depth, paced perfectly to take in the wealth of knowledge provided. The weekends were ideally spaced, to really absorb and take in all the training. I also really enjoyed the practical side of the course, and felt really comfortable about asking for help, or asking questions. I did my course with a fabulous bunch of people too, with a mixture of experience, which worked really well. We all supported each other and enjoyed working together, with guidance from Rob and June. Now I have completed my Bowl Practitioner course, I can conclude it is one of the best investments I have ever made. I have gained knowledge that I can use for the rest of my life to help others. I play my bowls everyday, and am currently setting up my sound healing business. Thanks a million Rob and June!"

SG - "I thoroughly enjoyed the Singing Bowls practitioner training course. It was full of interesting content, both theory and practical and gave me more than enough tuition to be able to provide both one on one bowls treatments as well as incorporating the bowls into group sessions. Rob and June are excellent tutors who have a wealth of knowledge not only about the singing bowls but healing in general and provide a great opportunity to learn more about these amazing instruments in depth."

Linda - "I recently finished my Bowl training with June and Rob, it was a very informative and they are both very knowledgeable on the subject. They are very open to questions. The group is small and held in a lovey building and location. I have used bowls for a long time but this course opens you up to using them for excellent treatments with both the Crystal and Himalayan bowls with great results. The course is such good value both financially and the training given. June very kindly allows anyone to use her bowls etc if you haven’t got any and has a very large selection of bowls (and bags) to try before you buy! And they are a better price than many you see. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in energy and sound. Thank you so much June and Rob"

Dee - "I have just completed the Himalayan/Crystal Bowl Course with Rob and June Dickerson, I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole course, Rob and June make you feel comfortable as soon as you meet them. They are so knowledgeable about the bowls and shared that knowledge with us, the course was fun, interesting and instilled us with confidence and skills and has left me feeling competent to share what I have learned in the outside world. It was a lovely small group and we all connected so well the group dynamics worked beautifully, we were taught so many different levels of how to utilize the bowls including how to run a soundbath. I feel proud to be a part of the College Of Sound Healing and be one of its practitioners now."

Video Testimonials

Judy Crockford - Tutor Rob & June Dickerson

Diana Nash - Tutor Rob & June Dickerson


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