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Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training - moments Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training - moments Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training - moments Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training - moments

Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training is a Diploma Course that can be taken online or face to face. The Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training Course comprises five weekend workshops taken over a year and a half. Visit the Course Details tab for pricing information.

Online and Face to Face Courses

The College now offers the Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training Course Online. You can find details by going to our Virtual Practitioner Training Dates page.

The Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training Online Course will be taught in small groups via Zoom. As well as the interactive course sessions you will get the benefit of one-to-one sessions with your Course Tutor.

All Five Parts of Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training Course will be taught online, plus ‘How to Give a Sound Healing Treatment Online’.

The way the Five Parts of Sound Healing Course are taught online may be slightly different to the Face-to-Face Course. Please see our Practitioner Training Dates page for details of how each Online Course is structured.

As well as completing the core curriculum students will need to complete one or two additional Sound Healing Workshops. Details of these workshops can be found on the Sound Healing Workshops page.

Please click on the above tabs for more details of the Training Course.
Details of Course Tutors and Venues can be found on the Practitioner Training Dates page.

Information and Downloads

Dr Shelley Snow of Concordia University has conducted Scientific Research into the sound healing method taught on this course.

The College's Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training Course:

  • Is available throughout the UK
  • Has been running since 1998
  • Is a professional training with course book included
  • Usually takes 18 months to complete
  • Is based upon hands-on experiential training
  • All homework is practically based
  • Students get support from highly experienced tutors

Sound Healing with the Voice (CoSH)® Practitioner Training is a registered trademark.

Core Curriculum

1. An Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice

Finding Your Voice
Understanding the healing power of the voice
Removing blockages from the voice
Voice exercises
Creating pure tone

Healing With The Voice
Experience a sound healing session

The Importance of the Breath

Understanding harmonics and their role in healing
Develop the ability to hear harmonics
Learn techniques to create vocal harmonics

Learn sacred chants from different spiritual traditions

Balancing the chakras with vowel sounds
Using sound for meditation

2. The Theory and Practice of Sound Healing

Understanding the Principles of Sound Healing

Energy Awareness
Working with healing energy
Psychic protection

Learn how to use tuning forks in a healing session

Sound Healing Treatment
Learn how to give a basic sound healing treatment
Using the voice for diagnosis
Releasing physical pain through sound
Understanding the value of silence in a sound healing session

3. Music as Medicine

Healing Process
Understanding the healing process/blocks to healing

Indian Scale
Learn the sounds of the Indian Scale
Using the Indian Scale to balance the chakras

Music As Medicine
Understanding the healing power of music

Musical Intervals
Experiencing the healing power of musical intervals
Learn how to use musical intervals in a healing session

4. Sound Healing through the Chakras

Understanding the chakras and the five elements

Do a supervised sound healing treatment

Sanskrit Sounds
Learn how to sound the Sanskrit bija mantras for the chakras
Learn how to balance the chakras with the bija mantras

5. Graduation and Advanced Practices

Course Review
Review the sound healing practices you have learnt on the course:
Basic Sound Healing
Musical Intervals
Indian Scale
Bija Mantras

Students will receive their Diplomas

New Practices
Using Sound Healing with Colour
Using Sound to Release Pain
Using Percussive Sounds in a Treatment
Distant Healing with Sound
Sounding with Your Client

Course Details

Core Curriculum
The Core Curriculum comprises five weekend workshops taken over a year and a half. The five parts of the course should be taken in order. Students will also need to complete two additional Sound Healing Workshops during the time that they are training. Attending the College of Sound Healing Conference counts as two workshops.

It is helpful if participants have had some experience of healing or voice work before attending the course.

Course Tutor
Students should complete the five weekends of the Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training with one tutor.

There will be a practical evaluation in which the participants will have to give a supervised sound healing treatment to another student. Thirty-six practice treatments will need to be carried out and written up to complete the course. It is possible to do up to three treatments on one person.

Two pieces of written work of approximately 600 words each will need to be completed by students after each part of the course.

Students will also need to complete a 3,000 word essay. The 3,000 word essay will be marked by an external assessor. There will be a charge of £30.00 for this.

If you have any difficulty with writing (eg dyslexia) or if English is not your first language, please let your course Tutor know at Part One of the course, this will be taken into account when your essay is marked.

Sound Healing Workshops
As well as completing the core curriculum students will need to complete one or two additional Sound Healing Workshops. These workshops can be taken before or during attending the core curriculum.

Students can choose from one of these options:

  • Two one day workshops (minimum 6 hours per day)
  • One weekend workshop (minimum 12 hours)
  • The College of Sound Healing Conference

Students need to do their additional Sound Healing Workshops with College Tutors or attend the College Conference. Any day or weekend workshop shown on the College web site counts as an additional Sound Healing Workshop.

Exceptions are made for students coming to do the Practitioner Training from Overseas. They can attend equivalent workshops in their own country.

To receive their Sound Healing Practitioner's Diploma students will need to:

  • Attend all five parts of the Sound Healing Practitioner Course
  • Complete the 36 practise treatments
  • Complete the written work and extended essay
  • Attend the additional Sound Healing Workshops
  • Become a Student Member of the College of Sound Healing

The College of Sound Healing is a Member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA). All the College's Practitioner Training Courses are evaluated and approved by the CMA and the TSA.

College Membership
At Part Two of the Practitioner Training Course you will need to become a Student Member of the College. Student Membership is £40.00 and has a duration of two years, giving you plenty of time to complete your Practitioner Training.
To become a Student Member please go to the Student Membership page.

Once you have completed the Practitioner Training you can become a Member of the College of Sound Healing (MCSH) and the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA). The cost of College Membership is £50.00 per annum (if paid before February 28th) or £60.00 if paid after February 28th.

Anatomy And Physiology
Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology and hold a current first aid certificate.

Once they have qualified, College Members are expected to choose activities to fulfil a minimum of 20 hours Continuing Professional Development per year.

Course Books
Simon Heather has written two books to accompany the sound healing training (see Books and CDs page for more information).

  • ‘The Healing Power of Sound - How to Enrich Your Life With Sound and Music’
  • ‘Sound Healing Practice’ (this book is included in the Course Cost)

The Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course consists of five weekend workshops over an 18 month period.

  • UK - £1100 or £990 if paid in full in advance
  • London  Area - £1375 or £1210 if paid in full in advance
  • Ireland - €1375 or €1210 if paid in full in advance

The cost for each weekend workshop will be £220 in the UK / £275 in the London Area / €275 in Ireland.

Payment for each workshop should be made in full a month before the date of the workshop. Please check the Practitioner Training Dates page for the payment requirements for each course. If payment is made in full in advance for the whole course it is non refundable but can be transferred to a future course with that Tutor.

The course cost includes the Course Book ‘Sound Healing Practice’.

The cost of the Additional Sound Healing Workshops will vary depending on which workshops are taken. Any payments made for the course are non refundable.

Students will need to become Student Members of the College and have insurance cover while they are training. Student Membership costs £40.00 for two years. This will allow you sufficient time to complete the course. Insurance for Student Members is £35.50 per annum.

Students will need to purchase a set of Biosonic Body Tuner C&G Tuning Forks (£65.00 plus £5.05 postage).

Students will also need to purchase two CDs - ‘College Course CD’ and ‘Seven Healing Drones CD’ (£10.00 each) These are available from the College website or from your Course Tutor. The CDs can also be downloaded for £6 each from the College website.

To reserve your place you will need to pay in full at least two weeks prior to each course weekend. You need to pay the Course Tutor by BACs. Some Course Tutors will accept payment by cheque. The College has a cancellation policy that will be sent to you when you book your place. Please make sure that you fill in the booking form and send it to your Course Tutor.

Please contact your course Tutor to make sure that there is space on the course before you book your place. The number of places on each course is limited so that students can get the maximum support from their course Tutor.

Qi Gong/Yoga
Most workshops will begin with some gentle Qi Gong or Yoga exercises. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket and a pillow with you.

The College has a Block Insurance Scheme. The premiums are £35.50 for Student Members and £56.50 for Graduates in the UK. Students need to have insurance cover while they are undergoing the Practitioner Training. Practitioners who already have insurance cover may be able to add sound healing to their existing policy at no extra charge.

Students who wish to do the Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training Course for themselves and not do not wish to do the homework and case studies do not need to have insurance cover and a first aid certificate.

At Part One, the Course Tutor will assess if students are ready to progress to Part Two of the course.


Cat - “I could tell the College has a very well structured plan and enough homework so as to awaken the healer in us. This school has been one of the best decisions of the last years. What a journey it has been!”

Jo - “June and Rob are kind and patient teachers who deliver the course content with the added wisdom of their own experiences as healers. Simon and his fellow Tutors have obviously worked very hard to devise the course and make sure that it is based on proven results.”

Ali: “I highly recommend training with Paul. Not only for his gentle supportive manner, and passionate love for sound, but also for the 'immersion' experience that his training provides. Staying on-site really allows you to relax and connect with the land - which is truly magical. It is a peaceful and beautiful place. Together Paul and Jan create a safe, welcoming and nourishing environment where you can soak up Paul's wealth of knowledge and wisdom whilst really relaxing and letting go. I feel blessed to have been able to complete my sound healing training in this way - it was definitely the right choice for me!”

Alison: “Good pace; exercises were clear and we were given the space to explore and experience them.”

Anna: “Thank you for a beautiful introduction to Sound Healing. It was a comforting and nourishing space and the group was wonderful. I am very grateful to Paul and Jan for their time and experience and love. The food was delicious.”

Anne: “My experience at Primrose with Paul and Jan was incredibly ‘changing’. Working with Paul and his gentle, yet to the core approach has affected me deeply. I think what makes the Primrose experience so unique is the situation. Being able to do the exercises surrounded by nature and having the sacred space of the sound chamber has really deepened my truly wonderful experience. Coupled with delicious food and inspiring company, what more can I say?!”

Alan: “The course enabled me to develop a new sense of purpose and confidence in establishing myself as a sound healer which has expanded in a remarkable way.”

Alexandra: “A wonderful experience covering all the necessary tools a person needs to become a sound healing practitioner. The emphasis is on the practical side which for me was so important as to be a practitioner one is needs to learn how to 'practise'. It was a year of enlightenment!”

Anne: “I just want to say that doing the practitioner's course is literally changing my life and opening my heart in ways I could not imagine.”

Barry: “I have found much more confidence in my voice and my musicality from the course, particularly in terms of improvising.”

Beulah: “An amazing beginning on my sound and healing journey. I cannot really describe the calm and warmth I shall take with me. Paul is a great teacher.”

Beulah: “The weekend of Part 2 was amazing for me and I was ready for the practical sessions. The group was really fantastic I feel very blessed; we all really connected and respected each other and I really was able to learn from them too.”

Bev: “Very nurturing—Excellent clear teachings, lovely group dynamics. You can feel the integrity and depth that comes from both of your teachings. You walk your talk and I feel blessed to have been a part of the teachings this weekend. Thank you for your wonderful cooking Jan.”

Carolina: “I felt a lot of really profound healing while I was on the couch and I loved working in the sound chamber. I hope to build one myself at some point. The combination of the place, the sound and the amazing food was a wonderful combination.”

Charlotte: “My time during Sound Healing Part 1 at Primrose Centre has been magical. Discovering the power of sound has been my greatest aspiration on my path of spiritual enfoldment. Many thanks to Paul and Jan for providing a wonderful space for me to connect with the land, my voice and community with others in a deep and organic way.”

Cheryl: “Beautiful experience.”

Dilek: “I really enjoyed every minute of it and I'm definitely coming back for the second round.”

Emma: “'Absolutely fantastic weekend. Everything I hoped it would be and more.”

Emma: “Lovely, brilliant, enlightening, yummy, tasty, fulfilling, kind, loving, I am smiling, I have learnt and I am coming back.”

Estelle: “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Paul and Jan for awakening gifts and talents within me I never knew I had. I’ve had such an amazing time this weekend made possible not just by the beautiful soul connections within the group but by and made possible from the two of you holding such a beautiful space. You truly are a beautiful team and I love the energy of the two of you. With so much love, gratitude and appreciation.”

Faith: “Dear Paul and Jan, as always a thoroughly enriching, nurturing and inspiring weekend. Wonderful people, teachings, sharing food and drink to nourish our souls in and with sacred sounds and practice.”

Helena: “The course has been hugely beneficial, connecting with my voice, a connection I lost a while back but now I’m re-establishing my connection. Plus it’s the connection to the authentic voice. What a journey I feel very blessed. The link I’ve been missing that the journey is now under way!”

Hilary: “The course was absolutely brilliant. It was transformative. I have started to become aware of who I am through my voice. I have gained so much confidence, not just in using my voice but generally and feel much happier with more joy in my life.”

Hilary: “What a weekend, wonderful vibrations and So Therapeutic. Thank You.”

Jayne: “Wonderful weekend”

Jean: “Receiving healing has been profound.Finding others to share the journey and to speak this language – Great!”

Jenny: “A heart warming experience, led by very experienced and genuine people. Thanks you so much Jan and Paul for your care and support.”

Joan: “It has changed  the way I look at life and people. In a nutshell it has given me great freedom. The light just woke up in my mind that we are all one so why be afraid or fear anything or anyone.”

Joan: “I looked forward to all the weekends so much. The course was so well organised, amazing energy flowing. The only word is AMAZING.”

Jody: “This was a sweet and gentle introduction to the healing power of the voice and sound. Jan and Paul held the space with heart and kindness.”

Jonathan: “Awesome workshop and looking forward to the next one.”

Kasia: “Paul and Jan are very warm people, home.”

Katie: “This course has opened me up to love, compassion and understanding on a deeper level. It is helping me to integrate sound into each and every day, thus enriching my life.“
“The Tutors were extremely professional throughout the year and were extremely informative. The treatments were powerful and heartfelt. I was blown away as it heightened my gifts.”

Kirsty - “The course was one of the best learning experiences I have ever undertaken. The course was the perfect balance of factual knowledge, demonstration of practical methods for providing sound healing and time to experience sound healing for ourselves. The course encouraged and allowed us to be in tune with ourselves and develop our intuition for healing. This was all done in a safe and respectful environment. I feel that you need to experience the course to understand how profoundly it affects you on every level.”

Kzee: “Mikes sound healing course is intensely transformative, profound and illuminating. His energy, love and commitment for sound healing radiates so brightly through him - I am so deeply grateful for this experience.”

Linda: “It's one of the best courses I've ever been on.”

Lisette: “Fascinating and challenging; intensive and chilled. I have learnt such a lot from these weekend workshops, such hope in ways of healing, such a powerful healing that I will incorporate into my own methods and music teaching.”

Masha: “I found this course to be extremely beneficial.”

Mikaela: “Super weekend. Lovely healing sounds, hospitality and new friends.”

Nagy: “In every aspect. Connecting to myself, gaining confidence in my strength in a case studies, practice and support. Bringing me friends, feeling loved and joyous. Not to forget about a great tools received. Truly life changing.”

Paul: “A great weekend, Great people, Great food, and it gave me a sense how sound healing can have a profound effect on a soul level.”

Paula: “Insightful, subtle, amazing, beautiful, everything I needed, wanted and more.”

Samantha: “The five weekends that I have spent on this course have been an absolute joy.”

Sarah: “I'm so delighted I decided to do this course, it's been an amazing journey!”

Sarah: “Beautiful experience, wonderful people, food and sounds. Blessings.”

Sue: “I just want to thank you so much for the most wonderful times we have had this year at Primrose, in your tender and expert care, nurturing us to fulfil our potential to be God given gifts of sound and voice. With Love and deepest gratitude.”

Sue: “On a personal level I have a whole new bunch of wonderful friends. I have learnt a really powerful healing method, confidence, focus, new direction, self development. I have also learnt a lot about myself, including self-acceptance. Undoubtedly the best course I have ever done.”

Surya: “Very full, insightful weekend in beautiful location. Focused teachings, delicious food, lots to integrate on my return home. I feel very connected to the elements, the seasons and the earth.”

Trixi: “This is a peaceful, joyful and extremely informed course in a wonderful setting, with loving guidance from Paul and Jan.”

Val: “Given insight into what is to come over the course and left me feeling in awe of the power of sacred healing sound, a deeply beautiful connection and space.”

Vikki: “The course has been the most amazing experience and took me on a personal healing journey for which I will be forever grateful. I am so much more at peace with myself now.”

Yemi: “A beautiful space/place. Helpful/encouraging healers/hosts. Grand accommodation. Thank you.”

Yvonne: “The Sound Healing Practitioner Course was a very powerful experience. This course was exactly what I needed. The combination of the sound and the spiritual support around the course meant that every weekend was a joy. I had done a number of modules with BAST, but although the left brained approach gave me some useful tools, this was not the right place for me to qualify. The College gave me the 'complete package' - thank you!”

Video Testimonials

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