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Soundwork in Schools

Songbooks and Music Resources

Penny Burns has created songbooks and other music resources that will be useful for teachers, group-leaders and therapists. They are now available as physical copies or digital downloads - please visit www.open2sound.co.uk. The popular song ‘Little Star’ is No.2 in the ‘Sing a Simple Song’ songbook!

College Members Write About Their Experiences Using Soundwork in Schools

  • Gongs, Sounds and Children - by Linda Davies-Holmes - October 2013
  • Toning Exercise with College Students - by Sarah Stephenson - June 2012
  • Using Sound within the Context of Art Therapy - by Linda Davies - 14th December 2011
  • How I use Sound Healing with my Students with Learning Difficulties - Amy Burns - 24th August 2009
  • Soundwork in Schools . by Penny Burns
  • Training Weekend for Soundwork in Schools - 13th to 15th February 2009 - Report by Jane Doyle
  • Gaer Infant School Newport South Wales - September 28th 2006 - Chrys Blanchard
  • Singing Improves Pupils' Performance - BBC - January 21st 1998
  • Christine Cleobury writes

Listen to songs from the Training Weekend

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  • "We're Going to Hold You in Our Circle" by Emily Maxey Jukes
  • Medley, sung as a Round:

"The River She is Flowing" by Diana Hildebrand-Hull
"Mother I Feel You Under My Feet" by Windsong/Diane Martin

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