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World Sound Healing Day

Sounding an “AH” for planetary peace!

World Sound Healing Day World Sound Healing Day World Sound Healing Day World Sound Healing Day World Sound Healing Day

Every year on the 14th February, people throughout the planet join together at 12 noon to tone the heart sound “AH” for a minimum of 5 minutes with the intention of radiating love. People all over the world create a heart wave of sound that resonates around the planet.

World Sound Healing Day was started in 2002 by Jonathan Goldman, the founder of the US Sound Healers Association. Every year, more people from more countries have joined in.

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2018 Events

Wednesday 14th February – 7.30pm – 9.00 pm
Celebration of World Sound Healing Day at Redland Quaker Meeting House, 126 Hampton Road, Bristol, BS 6JE.
Sharing sound and silence together with simple toning, chants, chimes and singing bowls – sending love to the world - come and join us.
Entrance by donation, no need to book. Contact Celia Beeson or Caroline Seyedi - 07742 131549

Tan-y-groes, Cardigan
February 14th - 12pm - 3pm
A chance to immerse yourself amongst the healing vibrations of a full set of paiste planetary gongs, plus other wonderful sound healing instruments. We will begin with the universal AH at midday, then after the sound bath there will be a chance to gather and share over a beautiful home made vegetation lunch and weather permitting, a walk through the grounds visiting the sacred grove, labyrinths and animals that share the land here.
We ask for a suggested donation of £15, all profits from which will be donated to local community projects. Mattresses and blankets are provided, booking essential.
Gorslwyd Sound Healing Centre, Tan-y-groes, Cardigan, SA43 2HZ, email Jenni

Hexham, Northumberland
Wednesday 14th February - 12pm - 1.30pm
Sonic Valentine at the Queen's Hall, Hexham. Linking up with World Sound Healing Day. Soundbath of Gongs, Tibetan Bowls and Vocal Harmonics to resonate our love and appreciation to Gaia, to our friends and our global family.
Contact Johanna Sheehan on 01434 606 159 - Website

Reports from Previous Events

Hyssington - 2015 World Sound Healing Day Report by Mike Baron

Gill Evans and I organised this event in Mid-Wales. 42 people turned out for a gathering to help send love and peace around the World. We had a shared feast and everyone joined in with chants and laughter.

Gill led us in connecting with our Angels and added her voice to my Gong Bath. The harmonics of gong and voice were amazing and we plan to arrange more events for group healing with gong and voice.

People made donations to Sound4Healing and we both have had interest in our various courses. We charged £4 to cover our costs and this low entry fee helped to fill the Hall.

Next year the 14th Feb falls on a Sunday, so we intend to organise another celebration of love and sound. HO!

Many thanks to Jonathan Goldman for helping us enjoy our day with his free download of the rolling Ahhh.

Argae Hall Event - Report by Gill Evans

Many people came together at Argae Hall to radiate loving energy for peace on earth, health and happiness to all. The day started at 8.30am setting up the hall and preparing the energy for the day.

It was the beginning of a wonderful day with a wide variety of stalls; crystals, books, aura photography, healing sessions being offered, wonderful hand made blankets and paintings. The stalls all added to the loving healing energy in the room.


We had a fantastic number of people all eager to join in with the workshops that were offered throughout the day. People from near and far gathered together to generate love through sound and to experience it's amazing healing power.

The morning started with a Voice Workshop run by Gill Evans. This warmed everyone up for the day. Then at 12.00 noon we all took part in the World Sound Healing Meditation for healing for Mother Earth by toning the AH (heart sound) for five minutes.

The next item on the programme was a selection of Traditional Welsh Carols in three-part harmony, sung by local lads Hedd Evans, Guto Lewis, Ioan Evans, Ifan Bebb and Arwyn Tyisaf. We were also treated to two songs in four-part harmony by Arwyn Groe, Gill Evans, Brenda Davies, Glyn Jones.

Christopher Thorn then brought out his didgeridoo to give us some wonderful healing with its earthy sound. What a lovely workshop!

Mike Barron then gave us a sound healing demonstration. He showed how to heal with the use of the voice and tuning forks. He invited everybody who was watching to add their healing sounds to the healing that was given. Brian, who was the lucky person to be given the healing, slowly got up at the end and said, "Wow, that was lovely!"

Next was a Gong Bath with Simon Heather, with Mike on the drum and myself on the Tibetan bowl. By now everyone was well harmonised through all the workshops they had participated in.

It was lucky that we had a wonderful drumming workshop to bring us all back down to earth, run by Emma Kidd. Emma invited everybody to join in with the drums that they had brought along.

We finished the day with a chant and gave thanks to everyone.

We raised £560 for Hope House Hospice!

I would like to thank everyone who attended for your enthusiasm and loving energy and for your generous donations. I would like to thank everyone who helped in the kitchen, always a very important job keeping us all fed and watered! Thank you! I would like to thank June Meagher for doing the publicity, being in reception and lending her energy wherever it was needed. I would like to thank all those who ran the workshops; Simon, Mike, Chris, Emma, Gill, the boys who sang, and the quartet. I would like to thank all the stall holders who came and supported us. Finally I would like to thank Alan Jeffreys for printing the signs.

Bless You All     Keep Sounding!

Love Gill

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