Books on Sound Healing

CYMATICS — Jenny, H   (1974)   Basilius Presse AG   ISBN:1-888-13807-6

FOUNDATIONS OF TIBETAN MYSTICISM — Govinda, L   (1960)   Rider   ISBN:9780877280644

HEALING SOUNDS — Goldman, J   (2002)   Inner Traditions Bear and Company   ISBN:9780892819935

HEALING WITH THE VOICE — D'Angelo, J   (2000)   Element Books   ISBN:9781594770500

HEARING EQUALS BEHAVIOUR — Bérard, G   (1993)   Keats Publishing   ISBN:9780879836009

HIMALAYAN SOUND REVELATIONS — Perry, F   (2016)   Polair Publishing   ISBN:978-1905398379

HUMAN TUNING: SOUND HEALING WITH TUNING FORKS — Beaulieu, J   (2010)   BioSonic Enterprises   ISBN:978-0615358857

IN THE HEART OF THE GONG SPACE — Whittaker, S   (2012)   Healing Sound

INFINITE MIND — Hunt, V   (1995)   Malibu Publishing   ISBN:9780964398818

LIFE ENERGY — Diamond, J   (1985)   Paragon House   ISBN:9781557782816

MANTRA YOGA AND PRIMAL SOUND — Frawley, D   (2010)   Lotus Press   ISBN:978-0910261944

MANTRAS: WORDS OF POWER — Radha, S.S   (1980)   Jaico Books   ISBN:9781932018103

MUSIC AND SOUND IN THE HEALING ARTS — Beaulieu, J   (1987)   Station Hill Press   ISBN:9780882680569

MUSIC PHYSICIAN FOR TIMES TO COME — Campbell, D   (1991)   Quest Books   ISBN:9780835606684

OVERTONE SINGING STUDY GUIDE — Rachele, R   (1996)   Cryptic Voices   ISBN:9780957647305

PRAYERS OF THE COSMOS — Douglas-Klotz, N   (1990)   Harper Collins   ISBN:9780060619954

SACRED SOUNDS — Andrews, T   (1992)   Llewellyn Publications   ISBN:9780875420189

SAI BHAJAN MALA — Sai Baba, S   (1993)   Madhu Patel   ISBN:9788172082543

SOUND HEALING & VALUES VISUALIZATION — John Beaulieu   (2018)   Biosonic Enterprises   ISBN:978-1532377808

SOUND HEALING WITH GONGS — Whittaker, Sheila   (2010)   Healing Sound   ISBN:9780956781901

SOUND HEALING WITH THE FIVE ELEMENTS — Perret, D   (2005)   Binkey Kok   ISBN:9789074597890

SOUND MEDICINE — Perry, W   (2007)   New Page Books   ISBN:9781564149701

SOUND MEDICINE — Kulreet Chaudhary   (2020)   Harper Wave   ISBN:9780062867339

SOUND THERAPY FOR WALKMAN — Joudry, P   (1984)   Steele and Steele

SOUNDING THE INNER LANDSCAPE — Gardner, K   (1990)   Element Books   ISBN:9781852309732

THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING — Goldman, J   (2008)   Hay House Publishing   ISBN:9781781808290

THE ACOUSTICAL FOUNDATIONS OF MUSIC — Backus, J   (1977)   W.W. Norton & Co   ISBN:9780393090963

THE ANCIENT LANGUAGE OF SACRED SOUND — David Elkington   (2021)   Inner Traditions   ISBN:978-1644111659

THE BOOK OF SOUND THERAPY — Dewhurst-Maddock, O   Gaia Books   ISBN:9781856750066

THE CONSCIOUS EAR — Tomatis, A.A   (1991)   Station Hill Press   ISBN:9780882681085

THE HEALING ENERGIES OF MUSIC — Hal A. Lingerman   (1995)   Self   ISBN:9780835607223

THE HEALING POWER OF SOUND — Heather, S   (2001)   Sai Publishing

THE HEALING TONES OF CRYSTAL BOWLS — Brodie, R   (1996)   Aroma Art   ISBN:9780968079003

THE HEALING VOICE — Gardner-Gordon, J   (1993)   Crossing Press   ISBN:9780895945716

THE HEALING VOICE — Newham, P   (1999)   Element Books   ISBN:9781862045484

THE LIFE ENERGY IN MUSIC VOLUME 1 — Diamond, J   (1983)   Archaeus Press   ISBN:9780915628209

THE MESSAGE FROM WATER — Emoto, M   (1999)   Hado   ISBN:9781401927462

THE MOZART EFFECT — Campbell, D   (1997)   Avon Books   ISBN:9780380974184

THE MYSTICISM OF SOUND — Khan H.I   (1979)   Barry and Rockcliff and Ekstasise Editions   ISBN:9781896860114

THE POWER OF LIMITS — Doczi, G   (1981)   Shambala   ISBN:9781590302590

THE ROLE OF MUSIC IN THE 21ST CENTURY — Maman, F   (1997)   Tama-Do Press

THE SECRET POWER OF MUSIC — Tame, D   (1976)   Destiny Books   ISBN:9780892810567

THE SINGING CURE — Newham, P   (1993)   Rider & Shambhala   ISBN:9780877739975

THE SOUND BOOK: THE SCIENCE OF THE SONIC WONDERS OF THE WORLD — Professor Trevor Cox   (2015)   W. W. Norton & Company   ISBN:978-0393350586

THE SOUND OF MUSIC AND PLANTS — Retallack, D   (1973)   DeVorss & Co   ISBN:9780875161709

THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD — Thurman, R.A   (1994)   Aquarian & Bantam   ISBN:9780007899098

THE TRUE POWER OF WATER — Emoto, M   (2005)   Beyond Words Publishing   ISBN:9781416522171

THE WAY OF SONG — Carol, S   (2000)   St. Martins Griffin   ISBN:9780312310370

THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN — Harner, M   (1980)   Bantam Books   ISBN:9780062503732

THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS — Motoyama, H   (1981)   Quest Books   ISBN:9780835605519

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC — Levitin, D   (2008)   Atlantic Books   ISBN:978-1843547167

THROUGH MUSIC TO THE SELF — Hamel, P   (1978)   Element Books   ISBN:9780906540008

TONING THE CREATIVE POWER OF THE VOICE — Keys, L.E.   (1973)   DeVorss & Co   ISBN:9780875161761

TUNING THE HUMAN BIOFIELD — McKusick, E   (2014)   Healing Arts Press   ISBN:9781620552469

WHAT IS CYMATICS — Manners, P.G   Bretforton Hall Clinic

YOUR BODY DOESN'T LIE — Diamond, J   (1979)   Warner Books   ISBN:9780446358477

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