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8th - 10th November 2019

Abbey Hotel, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3ET.

Main Speaker – John Stuart Reid - The Future of Therapeutic Sound

John Stuart Reid John Stuart Reid

John Stuart Reid, is an acoustics pioneer with a mission to educate the world about visible sound, popularly known as "cymatics" and known to science as "Faraday Waves". John believes that sound was a potent force in the creation of life in the primordial oceans and reasons that it naturally carries the power to heal.

He experienced a seemingly miraculous healing of his lower back during acoustics experiments that he conducted in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, in 1997. In the two decades since that life-changing event John has investigated the mechanisms that not only removed all pain from his lumbar spine but allowed him to help carry out the heavy equipment.

His invention of the CymaScope has changed our perception of sound forever. The CymaScope allows us to see sound and understand this omnipresent aspect of our world. John Stuart Reid is technical director of Sonic Age Ltd, an acoustic-physics research company. His website can be found at:

Keynote Presentation - The Future of Therapeutic Sound

Sound Therapy is now practised by a growing number of practitioners, utilising a wide range of sound sources, including tuning forks, gongs, harps, Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, vocal sound, among many others. While therapeutic applications for ultrasound (high frequency sound) are increasing each year in clinical settings, the mainstream medical world has not yet embraced therapeutic audible sound, perhaps because few scientific studies have focused on the biological mechanisms that underpin its efficacy.

John believes that audible sound has an important future in mainstream medicine, which will be supported by scientific research into the biological mechanisms that trigger the body's healing response to sound, including the mechanisms by which sound mediates pain.

In his presentation he will discuss his research in this field, including the role of the CymaScope instrument, which he invented and is currently being used as the primary instrument in a study that differentiates between the sounds of cancer cells and healthy cells. John Stuart Reid predicts a bright future, one in which audible sound therapy and diagnostics will become important tools in clinical settings.

Three Faces of Healing Goddess - Presentation by Mandara Cromwell, Kate Holland and Annaliese Reid


  • Opening Ceremony - Chrys Blanchard
  • Raga and Devotional Chants - Rajesh David


Conference Bookings

Sound Healing Conference - 8th - 10th November 2019

Abbey Hotel, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3ET

The conference is fully residential, with three meals a day and two nights accommodation. The conference price includes all workshops. The conference is residential only.

The food is mainly vegetarian with a meat/fish option and a vegan option.

The conference offers you a chance to learn new skills, network, have fun and chill out in a beautiful setting. Bring your drum and rattle with you!

There is also a market area at the conference where you can buy sound healing instruments.

Arrival is from 3pm onwards on Friday for an evening meal at 6.30pm. The conference closes at 3.30pm on the Sunday.


If you would like us to put your name on a waiting list please can you contact June Dickerson.


If you would like to run a stall at the conference the cost will be £75 for a two-metre table and £40 for a one-metre table.

Space for stalls is limited so please book early. For more information on booking stalls please contact Keith on 01562 741 743.

2018 Conference Feedback

Sue – “I just wanted to say a really big thank you to you & all the team who made this such a great conference. I especially loved the idea of having an opening ceremony, it was a really bonding experience, especially as there were so many "first timers" there. After 2017 I didn't think it could get any better but I was wrong, well done everyone, and that includes the hotel staff who were as welcoming and helpful as ever! Can't wait until we're all together again.”

Alexandra – “We loved the weekend. We thought everything flowed beautifully. The selection of workshops was broad and we all found something inspiring. I particularly enjoyed Shirley's Life Music, such fun, and so liberating.

Blu – “A wonderful time shared, full of heart, fun and laughter! Thanks Simon and everyone!”

Anita – “An amazing conference. Best so far. The gathering with Chris was fabulous and an excellent way to start the conference and unite everyone there. By far the best Friday evening I've experienced. Eileen was simply inspirational and the best speaker I've heard. She will be hard to beat. The staff and hotel was brilliant as always as were the rooms.”

Patricia – “As always I really enjoyed the conference. Well done and thanks to you all for organising it. I thoroughly enjoyed Chrys's opening event. Eileen McKcusick's speech was excellent. Informative, entertaining and completely riveting.”

Trixi – “Once again, very enjoyable, excellent keynote speaker. The hotel was excellent, took good care of us, and has finally solved the food intolerance issue. It was a wonderful conference and I look forward to next year!”

Lisa – “I think the closing ceremony was my favourite part. After a weekend of tuning and balancing we were met by the Ancestors. I love that we all come together as a group to sing together. It was truly magical. The harmonies were so uplifting. Loved loved loved it.”

Zara – “I really loved the conference and thought the variety and quantity of material was fantastic and well down worth travelling to experience. There was a great amount of useful and constructive information on the tuning forks lecture and the other workshops were relative to my practice. The hotel was lovely and I will love be coming back next year. Thank you for such an amazing experience.”

Susan – “Thank you so much for making my first conference such an enjoyable time. It certainly won't be my last!”

Vivienne – “Thank you again to you and all the other volunteers for such an amazing Conference! It was absolutely wonderful!!!”

Previous Years Conference Feedback

Blu - “A wonderful time shared, full of heart, fun and laughter! Thanks everyone!”

Anita - “Another fantastic weekend. The hotel and food were amazing, as were the staff. All the tutors were excellent also.”

Joan - “Thanks for a wonderful weekend. I really appreciated all the workshops and talks I attended and have come away feeling uplifted as well as finding pleasure in my own name for the first time.”

Elaine - “Perfect weekend; old friends and new, wonderful healing sound!”

Judy - “This was my first conference and I was, however, completely enchanted by the whole event. An extremely well organised event in an excellent venue that still managed to feel wonderfully spontaneous.”

Linda - “Wow - the orbs of light in the final photos, what a beautiful weekend. Thank you so much.”

June - “It is so lovely to meet friends old and new, we are blessed to belong to such a wonderful college. May it continue for many years to come a beautiful sound community.”

Linda - “What an absolutely amazing and wonderful gift that you and your supporters created. It was truly stunning.”

Masha - “Thank you for another wonderful conference, it has been one of the most enjoyable ones for me. It is hard to offer specific feedback as everything I took part in was excellent, a joy and honour to be part of such a talented, creative and loving community.”

Pam - “Without a doubt the best Sound Conference to date, many thanks to all the WonderFull speakers and participants ~ Lovely energy which just built and built the whole weekend, just a shame it all ended so quickly!”

Sarah - “A beautiful weekend of healing sound!”

Shirley - “Ah I absolutely loved this ritual that we did today. It felt electric walking through the shaker tunnel, magical! Thank you xxxx”

Steph - “Such an incredible weekend! Thank you to everyone for welcoming me into your big sound family!”

Sue - “It certainly was a really wonderful conference and even better than usual if such a thing is possible - truly the gift that keeps on giving! Always such a joy to be all together.”

Trixi - “Lovely photos and it was a wonderful conference.”

Sarah - “Thank you so much for the conference - it was my first COSH Conference and the most exquisite experience. I completely enjoyed all of it. The only problem I had was having to choose three workshops out of the nine - I wanted to go to them all!”

Gaynor - “I loved the weekend it is special and valuable. I loved the stands to shop and hear instruments played, all very colourful and inspiring.”

Helen - “The conference was fab!”

Mary - “Particularly valuable to me were the Sunday workshops, starting with Chi Gong - a lovely calm release.”

Anne - “This felt like a very special conference; the atmosphere was gentle and homely. The presenters directed their gifts to our heart.”

Pippa - “What a wonderful weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.”

Renate - “It was an interesting and enjoyable experience for me to attend. Such a multitude of interesting things to learn and experience in the various workshops and in connecting with so many interesting people, everybody teaching me a lot.”

Hara - “This was my first time at the Sound Healing conference and I absolutely LOVED IT! The workshops that I took part in were wonderful, the facilitators were warm, friendly, capable and knew their stuff. The experiences that I had were deep and beautiful and really moved me. The venue is lovely, the food was good, plentiful and most appropriate for vegetarians as well as omnivores. I will definitely be back next year.”

Jane - “Venue - excellent! The staff at the hotel were really helpful, polite and courteous. The food was simply delicious and I consumed far too much! It took me a while to find my way about but that added to the excitement and fun of the weekend.”

Patricia - “The food was excellent. As a gluten free person I had been most concerned about contamination protocols. Need not have worried it was fine. People mixed and chatted and I never felt a loner. The concert was sublime. I was so lucky to be on the front row so it was like a master class of teaching! A fantastic experience. Well done everybody for their hard work. I will definitely come back next year.”


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2018 Conference Videos

Opening Ceremony Chrys Blanchard Part 1

Opening Ceremony Chrys Blanchard Part 2

Opening Ceremony Chrys Blanchard Part 3

Eileen McKusick Main Presentation Part 1

Eileen McKusick Main Presentation Part 2

Eileen McKusick Main Presentation Part 3

Eileen McKusick Main Presentation Part 4

Eileen McKusick Main Presentation Part 5

Eileen McKusick Main Presentation Part 6

Eileen McKusick Main Presentation Part 7

Eileen McKusick Tuning Fork Demonstration Part 1

Eileen McKusick Tuning Fork Demonstration Part 2

Eileen McKusick Group Chakra Clearing Part 1

Eileen McKusick Group Chakra Clearing Part 2

Eileen McKusick Group Chakra Clearing Part 3

Steven Ash & Renata Ash Workshop Part 1

Steven Ash & Renata Ash Workshop Part 2

Closing Ceremony Simon Heather Part 1

Closing Ceremony Simon Heather Part 2

Closing Ceremony Simon Heather Part 3

2018 Conference Photos

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