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  • The Rhythm Of Life - from "The Shropshire Review" magazine - December 2009
  • Need to Re-Energise? Try Using the Power of Sound - Heather Parker - From 'Energies in Action' Magazine Aug/Sept 2009
  • Why Sound Healing - Sheila Whittaker - July 2009
  • Sounding Can Really Heal - Gill Becque - Article Published in Body and Soul Magazine - October 2008
  • Why is Sound or Working with Our Voices so Important? - Ange Leake - Transformational Breath Foundation Newsletter October 2008
  • Tuning into the Healing Power of Sweet Music - Lucy McDonald - From The Daily Express, Wednesday April 2nd 2008
  • Music Helps Stroke Victims to Make Quicker Recovery - The Times, 20th February 2008
  • Healing Hands - The Benefits of Sound Therapy - from Psychologies Magazine, November 2007
  • Clinical Research Study into Harp Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients - Amy Camie - Written for the International Harp Therapy Journal, Fall 2007 Issue
  • Why take Prozac when you can sing Prokofiev? - from The Times newspaper, 18th January 2007
  • Music is the Best Medicine - from the Sun newspaper, 2nd November, 2006
  • Harp Music 'Eases Pain in Surgery' - from the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, 1st January 2006
  • What's the Buzz? Sound Therapy - from the New York Times newspaper, 24th November 2005

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