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College Projects


The College has set up a Charitable Foundation - Sound4Healing - which funds research into how sound healing can be used to improve the health of people.

Dementia Study

In 2015, the Sound4Healing charity, in collaboration with Stanfield Nursing Home, is co-funding a new research project into the therapeutic use of sound in dementia care. This project came about following the beneficial use of sound by a relative whose mother is resident in the home. The Association for Dementia Studies team at the University of Worcester will be recording and evaluating the results of sound sessions carried out at the home and publishing the results.

Sound Healing in the NHS

Taking Sound Healing into the NHS with the Soundscape Project.

Scientific Research

At present most scientific research into health is funded by the pharmaceutical companies. We need funds to support research programmes to show how beneficial sound healing is:

"The College of Sound Healing" is the trading name for "The College of Sound Healing Ltd." (Registration Number 6089908) situated in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The College of Sound Healing Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee with charitable objectives.

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