Shruti Boxes

Stefan Cartwright

The Shruti Box is a simple hand-operated instrument which provides a rich drone background to support singing and musical exploration. It provides an ideal accompaniment for the voice and can be enjoyed by anyone without training. Users include singers, professional musicians, voice coaches, therapists, story-tellers and educators.

Our instrument, M1 Shruti Box is renown for its great sound, ease of playing and craftsman build quality. We are the worlds only Shruti Box specialist and have spent years refining the instrument to a standard fit for performance and therapeutic use. The instrument has a full chromatic reedboard allowing you to make chords in any key. It comes in three different key ranges, G to G, A# to A# and C to C tuned to the pitch A=440, or A=432 by special request.

For further information please visit or call 01453 767 061

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