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Ruby Larimar

RUBY LARIMAR - Crystals & Sound - Working With Crystals Using The Keys Of Sound

DATE : Saturday 21st November 2020 - Sunday 22nd November 2020

TIME : Sat 10AM-5PM & Sun 10AM -5PM

VENUE : Live, Teaching, Online, ZOOM, Interactive, PLATFORM

COST : £225

DETAILS : This two day workshop is a mixture of practical teachings and experiential meditations as we Journey into the metaphysical properties of crystals, using the keys of sound to link us to the secret dimensions of the crystal kingdom only accessed using the key of sound.

The teachings from this weekend will provide knowledge and wisdom of how to combine working with crystals and sound in a safe and effective way for yourself and your clients and learning how to activate the full potential healing power of working with crystals and Sound.

This workshop is Taught by Cosh tutor Ruby Larimar who is a qualified Crystal Therapist and an accredited member of ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healers Organization), she will be joined by Alan West who is a Crystal Therapist with VCCT, Spiritual and Energy Medicine teacher with CHF, a Sound Healer with Cosh and a Shamanic Practitioner and together they will be bringing over 30 years of knowledge and wisdom of the crystal kingdom to share with the group and look forward to meeting you on the weekend.

The training will be delivered via virtual classroom over Zoom, this is an interactive platform, so we’ll be able to see each other, hear each other and sound together – unbound by location and distance.

For those whom are new to the Virtual world please be assured that Zoom is a great platform. I have been working with Zoom over the last two years to deliver workshops, support to my students and healing sessions. The virtual platform Zoom is easy to navigate and connect with and the workshop will be delivered in real time.

Once you have enrolled you will receive an email with Zoom link to allow you to access the virtual classroom and information for all your device settings to enhance your experience.

The workshop will cover the following:
• Learning how to Cleanse & Dedicate & Activate Crystals
• Learning how to Combine Sound Healing with Crystals
• Learning Crystal Layouts to use on the body
• How to create Sacred Geometry Grids using Crystals
• Technique's to heal and balance the Energy Body by removing blockages using Crystals and Sound
• Learning how to Create Crystal Elixirs and infusing them with the energy of Sound
• Learning Crystal Systems and Structure
• Each participant attending the workshop will receive a crystal kit worth over £50 and Crystal Elixirs, these will be posted to you in advance of the Virtual Classroom to ensure you have them available for the workshop
• Learn How to build a Basic Effective Crystal Tool Kit
• The Role of Intention in Sound & Crystal Healing


• This Workshop is open to participants who have experience of Healing receiving or giving
• For personal or professional development
• Open to all who are interested in learning how to work with crystals in a safe way and combining them with sound
• This workshop counts towards one of your additional workshops for the Cosh Sound Healing Practitioner Training
• This workshop will provide a 14hrs CPD certificate
• You will Receive a Cosh Attendance Certificate

FEEDBACK From Previous Participants:

“On entering Holistic Ruby workshop Space you are greeted with warmth and kindness entering into her magical crystal lined temple “ – K Thorogood 2017

TO BOOK  : An Initial £50 deposit is required to secure your space with the reminder balance due 60 days before the workshop date. Please contact Ruby directly using the email below to book your space.

For more details or to book visit Ruby's website or contact Ruby by email or phone on 07900 806574.

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