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Anetta Panczel

ANETTA PANCZEL - 2 Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Course

DATE : Saturday 7th August 2021 - Sunday 8th August 2021

TIME : Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-17:30

VENUE : Positivity Within, South Newton, SALISBURY, Wiltshire, SP20RB

COST : 195-225

DETAILS : Learn how to use laughter as a medicine and to lead a laughter workshop mindfully when people don't feel like laughing. Laughter is really the best medicine! Games & laughter filled certified laughter yoga leader training. Why not start your own laughter club & bring sunshine & healing to local communities? Get in touch with you child like playfulness again.
Changing the world with one smile a time. Learn about the benefits of Laughter, History& at least 40 laughter exercises & how to lead a 1 hour session. This course was outlined by a medical doctor, the founder of laughter yoga, Dr Madan Kataria from India. Taught by Anetta an FHT Accredited Laughter Yoga Teacher with lots of experience of running laughter clubs (hen parties, old people's home, Larmer Tree, Colourfest & Purbeck Valley Folk Festivals, Centres for young adults with learning difficulties, team building for companies, parents & kids clubs)
You could attend this course even if you just want to have fun & learn about the benefits & history of laughter yoga & just for your own self-development. Are you already a therapist? You might like to corporate laughter as a therapy in your own healing practice.
Laughter yoga involves laughter games, connecting to your inner child, gentle movements (no yoga poses involved, anyone can do it), laughter meditation, healing pain with laughter, deep breathing, opening up creativity (making up new games) & every session finishes with relaxation / yoga nidra or grounding dance meditation.
As a sound healer I often corporate the drums & rattles with laughter, we also do dances for a few tracks & we dance like no one was watching.

TIME : Day 1: 10:00-18:00, Day 2: 10:00-17:30
South Newton, Wiltshire, private home and garden.
7th/8th Aug 2021
maximum 6 attendees.
(please note we have 2 cats)

*Boosts the immune system.
*Reduces the risk of heart disease. Laughing expands the inner walls of the arteries which increases the ability of blood to flow around the body.
*Reduces blood pressure: When you laugh, the blood flow increases, circulation improves & your blood pressure rises. When you stop laughing, your blood pressure drops back to its baseline. This relaxing effect helps to lower your baseline blood pressure.
*Is a natural painkiller.
Belly laughing effectively ‘massages’ the abdominal organs. The blood flow to these organs is increased and their functioning is improved. Laughing instantly reduces the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline).
Laughter boosts the production of serotonin, a natural anti-depressant.
early bird price: £195 if the deposit is paid at least 2 weeks before the event
FULL PRICE £225, must pay the £40 deposit at least a few days before the course to receive the manual that you need to print & read
PAYMENT (pay with paypal, bank transfer or cheque)
-it includes a registration fee for a 6 month free Prozone membership to be on the International Laughter yoga website with the founder of Laughter Yoga: Dr. Madan Kataria

(£40 is non-refundable, as you will get the laughter yoga manual e-book that YOU NEED TO PRINT & READ BEFORE THE COURSE)

COVID Regulations. Staying safe.
If the rules are not eased by the date given, please note, that the majority of the course will be taught outdoors in the garden, under a gazebo.
In case of a cold, rainy weather, the theory can be taught inside, with open windows, you may have to wear a visor inside, and you will need raincoats, warm clothes for the actual laughter exercises / sessions to do outdoors.
You will only be able to attend if you are not showing any symptoms or traveled back from a red or amber country in the last 10 days.
You will need to sign a track and trace form.

TO BOOK  : e-mail:

For more details or to book visit Anetta's website or contact Anetta by email or phone on 07940022119.

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