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    Chrys Blanchard

    Chrys is a freelance musician whose work calls upon the great diversity of skills she has acquired after more than 30 years in the performing arts.

    Many College members took part in her annual Soundscapes, a 3 hour Live Sound Installation in Nevill Hall Hospital. Wales UK.

    She works primarily with voice, guiding people to find a deep connection using their own unique sounds and is fascinated by the alchemy when voices combine, allowing communication and transformation to happen without the need for words. "Through sound we can access a place where we are able to reveal our true selves and connect with our underlying truths". Through her skilful and sensitive holding of a group, powerful and life-changing shifts can take place as sound is shared, and voices unite. Chrys achieves this deep and profound work with a light-hearted touch, and a down-to-earth sense of fun. In these changing times Chrys is offering training and workshops online so that we can continue to offer sound for people's well being at a time when it is so desperately needed.

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For more information, contact Chrys by email or phone on 01873 857 767
View Chrys's Video Introduction.

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