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    Susan Lark

    Susan is a College of Sound Healing practitioner and tutor, a level 4 Biofield Tuning practitioner and Reiki Drum practitioner. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, and Reflexologist, practising facial reflexology and gua sha stone therapy.

    She is passionate about sound’s ability to help people reach their best state of health. For many years she worked at an international firm in the City and saw at first hand the effects of long-term stress on the body, which is a leading cause of disease. By using sound, a stressed body can be brought back to its optimal vibrational rate so that it can begin its own healing process. Clients usually report a sense of profound relaxation and sleep is often improved. The healing or ‘wholing’ process continues to work well after the session has ended.

    Susan has an affinity with metal instruments such as Himalayan bowls, the Gong and tuning forks.

    Susan runs her courses from a Victorian school hall in a beautiful village just outside Exeter, Devon, close to the M5 and Exeter airport.

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For more information, visit Susan's website or contact Susan by email or phone on 07713 140555.

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