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    Andrea Jackson

    Having worked as an energy and spiritual worker for many years, sound "resonated" with Andrea's heart. Please excuse the pun.

    And by amazing co-incidence she stumbled upon Sound Healing and the College of Sound Healing and maybe that's how you're curious about it too.

    Well, what a great co-incidence, it was life changing and fulfilling. Andrea now works full-time as a Therapist, Trainer and Celebrant. Supporting her clients and students on their own personal healing journey. And you will self heal if you open your heart to sound. You will develop your own skills and confidence in the ancient techniques.

    Born and bred in the Pendle witch country, Lancashire Andrea truly connects with nature, a natural approach to life, yet remains well grounded and loves open water swimming.

    Andrea describes herself as not completely woo woo, having a great sense of fun and a wicked contagious laugh.

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For more information, visit Andrea's website or contact Andrea by email or phone on 07929331142.

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