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    Helen Smith

    Helen grew up in Lancashire and Devon among a family of teachers, fishers and keepers with strong ties to the land and sea. She previously worked in health, education and the media, and spent her early career travelling the world. She has lived in Europe and Africa.

    On her return to the UK from Africa in 2005, Helen experienced a sense of loss and disconnect from what had felt a far more natural way of being. This led her to seek out the healing arts while also working in national roles at the UK Department of Health.

    She has since studied the healing arts extensively: Sound Healing; Voice Healing; Shamanic Healing; Assemblage Point Healing; Drum and Rattle Medicine; Crystal Healing; Creative Channelling; Reiki; Meditation and more.

    Helen describes her discovery of the College of Sound Healing in 2015 as her true homecoming, and the joy of bringing her sound and global shamanic healing practice together in her life as a profound re-awakening.

    In 2019, she retreated to Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands to focus on clearing and earth work, on developing her nature-based sound and shamanic healing practice, Natures Radio, and on learning to play the Celtic harp. She stayed for 5 years!

    Helen loves to share voice, sound and shamanic practice with others - especially in nature - and brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to her sessions.

    She teaches the Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Training, the Shamanic Healing Practitioner Course for existing practitioners, and holds workshops, treatment surgeries and retreats at various locations.

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For more information, visit Helen's website or contact Helen by email or phone on 07752016896.

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