Gong Practitioner Training Dates

TAMMY YICK · Gloucestershire


Elkstone Studios is approximately 7 miles from Cheltenham and 6 miles from Cirencester. 

The College of Sound Healing Gong Practitioner Training Course is a CMA-certificated training programme over five modules, over the period of one year. The Course was written for the College by Sheila Whittaker, who is the senior College Gong tutor, and advisor to the College. For course curriculum, visit https://www.collegeofsoundhealing.co.uk/curriculum_gong_healing.php (please note different tutors may have different schedule to teach the curriculum.)

This course is non-residential.
Phil McNamara and I am going to host this course together. Apart from the training days, participants are required to spend extra time on practise, coursework, reading and mentoring in-between sessions. 

Cost: £290 each module, £1,450 for the full course.

Please get in touch to book.


For more details or to book visit Tammy's website or contact Tammy by email or phone on 07485792927.

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