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LIZ WHITTALL · Lancashire


Taught at The Harmony Hub in Lancashire, this course is located just off the M6 and M61 motorways and is accessible by rail and coach. There is ample free car parking opposite the venue.  

Though the course is non-residential, affordable accommodation is available nearby. Lunches and other daytime refreshments are included in the course costs.

The course tutor has over 30 years experience of teaching in a variety of settings and you will experience a range of styles and approaches to enable you to gain the very best from this course. To maximise learning and meet individual needs, course numbers will be small and you will be offered individual support and mentoring throughout.

Coursework and case studies are required between the formal taught sessions. This enables students to develop skills and techniques and to grow in confidence and competence. Full support is provided by the tutor who also fosters a supportive ethos, encouraging students to support one another.

The College of Sound Healing Gong Practitioner Training Course© is a CMA-certificated training programme taught over five weekends, over the period of one year. The course is made up of 70 hours formal training, plus practise, coursework, case studies, reading and individual mentoring in-between sessions. 

Completing this course gives students the information, knowledge, tools and qualification to be a Gong Practitioner. You will be recognised as able to treat people in a therapeutic setting both on a one-to-one basis or in groups.

This Course was written for the College by Sheila Whittaker, who is the senior College Gong Tutor, and advisor to the College on all gong-related matters. ​ 

Working with the Gong is a powerful personal journey. The various learning and experience opportunities require time for students to assimilate. As this course is taught over a year, each student is able to learn and develop at their own pace. The non-rushed nature of this course also supports students on their own individual Healing journey with the Gong. Clearing our own emotional baggage and raising vibration is a prerequisite for helping others to do so and you will be fully supported as you undertake that challenging but deeply rewarding inner work.

Each participant will need access to their own Gong by the 2nd weekend and support in selecting the best Gong for you will be given during Session 1.

Price - £290 per session (£1450 in total) A deposit of £100 secures your place on the course, with the balance for Session 1 and each of the remaining Sessions due a month beforehand.

For more details or to book contact Liz by email or phone on 07931534474.

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