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Sound Healing Practitioner Online Virtual Training Dates

Alexandra Rigazzi-Tarling

Part One : An Introduction to Sound Healing — Saturday 17th April and Sunday 18th April, 2021

Part 2: 8th/9th May 2021

Part 3: 17th/18th July 2021

Part 4: 16th/17th October 2021

Part 5: 22nd/23rd January 2022


The College of Sound Healing Practitioner Training with the Voice Online Course, maintains its usual five weekend format, where teaching of the curriculum is done as a group. Treatments are taught at each part and demonstrated during the training weekends, and practice exercises are undertaken together.

However, in addition to the group online work and teaching weekends, each participant will have the opportunity to schedule a one to one online session with Alexandra, at a mutually convenient time, in the weeks after Parts Two, Three and Four. During these one to one sessions Alexandra will observe the participant giving the treatment studied at the previous training weekend, to a friend/family member, so that individual teaching and feedback can be given before case studies are undertaken.

The online training will also cover how to adapt the series of treatments studied on the course for distant and online healing. Out of the 36 case studies that need to be undertaken as part of the course, half can be carried out distantly/online, the remainder need to be in person.

The training weekends will be facilitated using the Zoom online platform, and you will receive a link for each training weekend in advance. 
Working on Zoom allows us to hear and see each other and work together as a group. Please see below for the electronic requirements and things to be considered when working online.

Participants will have the option of receiving their course manual and hand outs either via post or email.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Those that wish to learn about Sound Healing with the Voice developed by Simon Heather. This training also covers the use of the C&G Body Tuner Tuning Forks
  • Those that wish to embark on a fully accredited Sound Healing course, that provides an internationally recognised qualification for a Practitioner/Therapist of Sound Healing
  • Those that wish to understand the concept of Energy Healing through Sound and how to administer it in one to one treatments
  • Those that wish to understand and cope with the demands of being a qualified and professional therapist in Sound Healing/Therapy
  • Those that wish to undertake this type of training for their own personal learning and healing i.e. not to become a professional practitioner. 


Online and Technical Requirements:

  • You will need a working device such as a laptop or tablet that has a camera and microphone so that you can be seen and heard/see and listen 
  • You may find that headphones provide better a sound quality and a more effective learning environment
  • You will need a minimum internet bandwidth of 600kbps and recommended is 1.5Mbps, if you are able to access YouTube/Netflix smoothly then you will be able to access Zoom
  • A link will be emailed to you in advance of each training weekend and this will enable you to open Zoom. However, on some devices, Zoom needs to be downloaded in advance. Please ask Alexandra if you are unsure.
  • For each training weekend, you will need to be able to work online in a space where you are undisturbed by others. This is important for your learning, but also for the smooth running of the course and to respect your fellow participants.
  • For the one to one sessions with Alexandra after Weekend Parts 2-4, you will need a willing person, friend or family member, that you can practise the treatments on.

Course Cost and Payment:

If paid in full at the time of booking the course cost = £1,100
Payment can be taken in two instalments:
At the time of booking = £625
On or before the 10th July 2021 = £625

Payment can be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer. Please contact Alexandra for a booking form and more details.

Places are limited to 6 participants.

Please note:  it is your responsibility, before enrolling onto the course, to ensure that you have the necessary working electrical equipment as well as a place where you will be undisturbed to undertake the training. 

For full course information, a breakdown of costs, curriculum and assessment details please see the College of Sound Healing Practitioner Training Online Course menu at:

Please contact Alexandra through the above website to request a booking form.

For more details or to book visit Alexandra's website or contact Alexandra by email or phone on 07771956754.

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