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Sarah Stephenson

Discover your Potential Voice

With Sarah Stephenson : Sound Healing Tutor

Participants will be sent the link to the course prior to course commencement.


This online workshop is a practical guide to the voice, looking at the anatomy and physiology of how the voice works.

Many people find it difficult to honestly and freely use their voice. We have such a deep connection with our voices. It is a mirror to our soul.

There are many ways of approaching the voice. In this workshop we will take a very practical journey to discover our true potential voice.

There will be slides and videos covering the anatomy of the voice to deepen your understanding of the instrument. This will be accompanied by useful vocal exercises. We will explore the following topics:


·      Alignment and how it affects vocalisation

·      How to prevent the voice tightening and keeping the voice open

·      How to extend your range

·      How to increase resonance and develop your harmonics

·      How breath and tone connect

·      Finding flexibility in the voice

·      How to look after the voice


Sarah is a tutor for the College of Sound Healing, a classical pianist and vocal coach. She is a master trainer for the Estill voice training system and will draw on her 20 years’ experience of working with the voice, hoping to demystify how your voice functions, to enable you to use it with more freedom and confidence.


TO BOOK: contact Sarah on 07581 716233 or

Payment by BACS or paypal

Cost and Duration: £75 Online Workshop runs from 10am - 5pm

Qualification Gained: attendance certificate given to all attendees. Counts as one of the additional workshops for the CoSH Practitioner Training or 6 hours of CPD.

Technical Requirements: you will require a microphone and a working device, such as a laptop, tablet or phone, with a good broadband connection.

For more details or to book visit Sarah's website or contact Sarah by email or phone on 07581 716233.

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