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Situated in the centre of vibrant Preston Park, Brighton, this beautiful octagonal building is our Sacred Sound Chamber.

Here we offer gong baths, sound baths, Moon Lodge gatherings, Fire ceremony and our Practitioner Training Course. Nestled between the trees and situated above the flow of the old river, Brighton Sound is a magical place, a space that is deeply held, that stands apart from the day to day movements of the city whilst being at the centre of everyday life.

Home to Brighton's Pride festival and the famous "oldest Yew Tree sisters in Europe", we have loving connected with the Repatriation project of Damanhur, working with our sound community to heal the relationship with Man and Nature by offering sound and ceremony to all the nature spirts and the beautiful Trees.

Our deep dedication in this high vibration space is for the rapid awakening and healing of all beings. To the re-membering that we are all spirit, to honour this spirit that lives in all things and share theses teachings in community.

Come join us. The TIME IS NOW.

We welcome you here as part of our family, dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity through sound and compassionate heart-centred learning.

For more details or to book visit Petra Jean's website or contact Petra Jean by email or phone on +447478282816.


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