Workshop Dates for Hara Willow

HARA WILLOW · Merseyside


DATE : From 13th February 2002. Two Sundays a month from February until the end of May.

TIME : 2:00pm to 5:00pm

COST : £40 per session (£320 total) or £250 in advance for the whole course.

VENUE : Healing Time, 3-5 Cross Street, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH415EP


This is an holistic eight part course for personal and spiritual development, using Sacred Sound Practices from various wisdom traditions old and new.

Aims and objectives.

To provide tools and understanding to help students to develop their own Sacred Sound based practice for self healing in the areas of…

* Opening Sacred Space

* Personal Empowerment, goals and intention setting

* Understanding of grounding, protection, breathing and subtle energies

* Using sacred sound for self healing

* Enhanced Emotional awareness, regulation, resilience and balance

* Improved Mental calm, inner peace and focus

* Greater appreciation, gratitude, and sense of wellbeing

* Deeper connection to Spirit, trust and faith in life’s journey

* Stronger and more authentic self expression and authority

* Greater sense of Meaning and purpose

This will be achieved through the delivery of the following modules

Module titles

1. East, Fire Power - protection, transformation and perspective

2. South, Flowing water - Healing and Emotional balance,

3. West, Deep earth - Loving our body and mother earth

4. North, Breath of Air - the Peaceful mind

5. Below, The Sacred Feminine, immanence and the power of YIN

6. Above, The Sacred Masculine - transcendence and the power of YANG

7. Within, The Divine Child - exploring and expressing your Authentic Soul Self

8. Without, The Community Giveaway - Karma Yoga, Service, meaning and purpose

The course is accredited by the CMA for personal and professional development.

The course will also be live and recorded on zoom, if you can’t come in person.

For more details or to book on any of the above dates please visit Hara's website or contact Hara on 07790643216
View Hara's Video Introduction

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