Workshop Dates for Paul Benham



DATE : Friday 10th May 2024 - Sunday 12th May 2024

TIME : 6.30pm Friday until 4.30pm Sunday or 4.30pm Monday

COST : £215 incl food and 2 nights accommodation and £305 incl food, 3 nights acc and Monday ceremonies

VENUE : Primrose Haven, Primrose Haven, Felindre, Brecon, Powys, LD3 0ST


We will be sharing some of the practices and deep wisdom of our Celtic and Druidic ancestors, looking at the symbolism that guided their lives and spiritual practices, ways in which they would have connected with the great megalithic monuments and the magical sounding that they embraced to honour and connect with their environment and spirit worlds. This can be an opening to begin the journey to discover our indigenous souls. There will be particular focus on working with spirals and spiral consciousness, which the Celtic and Druidic people held in great reverence. There will also be a focus on ceremony. There is an optional Celtic Sweatlodge and Stone of Destiny ceremony for those who stay through Monday.


DATE : Friday 14th June 2024 - Sunday 16th June 2024

TIME : 6.30pm Friday until 4.30pm Sunday

COST : £220 including food and 2 nights accommodation

VENUE : Primrose Haven, Primrose Haven, Felindre, Brecon , Powys, LD3 0ST


The weekend will integrate the healing power of nature into our healing voice work. We will work with the sounding traditions of people that lived close to nature and used sound to deepen their connection with their environment. Primrose Haven contains many beautiful gardens and natural and sacred spaces. The course will be held in the Sound Peace Chamber, the Celtic Roundhouse and in some outside spaces such as the Peace Garden, the Stone Circle with the four directions and elements, the Emissary Wheel sacred geometry formation, the triple spiral labyrinth and beside a mountain stream in the nearby woods. We will explore some of the deeper healing potential of nature and use sound to connect with this. We will gain an understanding of the qualities of the elements - fire, water, earth and air - and explore our relationships to them and the way they influence our lives. We will demonstrate the ways that sound can be used to heal ourselves and others and the healing power of sound in nature. Nature can provide a very supportive environment in which to release pain and disharmony through sound. We will work with this potential on an individual and group level. We will share our experience of the Damanhur projects of the Music of the Plants and Orienting Trees to help raise the global network of tree consciousness.  


We ask for a £50 deposit through contacting Paul at or 07811816637


DATE : Friday 12th July 2024 - Sunday 14th July 2024

TIME : 6.30pm Friday until 4.30pm Sunday

COST : £215 incl wholesome food and 2 nights accommodation. Plus £10 to participate in simple Cacao ceremony

VENUE : Primrose Haven , Primrose Haven, Felindre, Brecon, Powys, LD3 0ST


Become a Spiritual Gardener with Beauty Be the Priest of your Garden Explore Aspects of Garden Design Incorporating Healing and Sacred Spaces in your Garden Create Shrines for the Heart and Mouth of your Garden Create Ritual and Ceremony in your Garden Honour the Agreement with the Holy in Nature Use Sound and other Gifts as Offerings for Feeding the Spirits of the Land Sound and Silence - Practicing Deep Listening in the Garden Grow Healing Food with Love and Gratitude Encouraging the flow of Giving and Receiving in the Garden Explore Plant Music and Tree Consciousness Create sacred symbol Vesica Piscis


Deposit of £50 please

For more details or to book on any of the above dates please visit Paul's website or contact Paul on 07811816637
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