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Petra Jean Phillipson

PETRA JEAN PHILLIPSON - Part One : An Introduction to Sound Healing

DATE : Saturday 4th April 2020 - Sunday 5th January 2020

TIME : 10-5 / 10-4

VENUE : Brighton Sound, The Tile House, Preston Park,, Brighton, Sussex - East, BN1 6SD

COST : £1250

DETAILS : Situated in the centre of Preston Park, Brighton, this beautiful octagonal building is our sacred sound chamber. Nestled between the trees and situated above the flow of the old river, Brighton Sound is a magical place, a space that is deeply held, that stands apart from the day to day movements of the city whilst being at the centre of everyday life. We welcome you here as part of our family, dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity through sound and compassionate heart-centred learning.

Join us in becoming a fully certified Sound Healing Practitioner affiliated with The College of Sound Healing in our beautiful sound healing ceremonial space in the heart of Preston Park, Brighton.

To become fully qualified you will need to complete the course in full, complete 16 hours CPD workshop of your choice, join the college as a Member, provide 36 case studies & written homework (1500 words & 1400 words ).

Balanced out over the 18 months this course offers great potential for healing for yourself & others. Gently allowing you to evolve into a professional practitioner through practical application.

This course can be completed in 12months if you have completed all you case studies.

My approach to sound healing stems from an Earth Centric perspective & practice. Every animate or inanimate object is a living, pulsating energy field. We endeavour to live in respect & ressonance with this knowing every day reminding ourself to walk gently upon this beautiful Earth. I will be drawing wisdom from my Lakota spiritual lineage & speaking of the importance of healing the relationship with the people this beautiful sweet green blue planet, the Mother.

WE ARE A ZERO WAISTE CENTRE So please please bring NO PLASTIC or non organic waste to our place. Pls bring a vegan gluten free dish for sharing for lunch.

TO BOOK  : Please use the contact details shown below.

BOOK ONLINE NOW (payment via PayPal)

For more details or to book visit Petra Jean's website or contact Petra Jean by email or phone on +447478282816.

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