Sound Healing Workshops

As well as completing the Core Curriculum, students will need to complete one or two additional Sound Healing Workshops. These workshops can be taken before or during attendance of the Practitioner Training Course.

Forthcoming Workshops are listed on the Workshop Dates page and in the Sound Healing Workshops Diary.

1. Shamanic Sound Healing
Connecting with your Power Animal
Healing Songs and Dances
Shamanic Drumming
Learn how to Facilitate a Soul Retrieval
Understanding the Medicine Wheel

2. Sound Healing With Crystals
Working with Different Crystals
Cleansing and Dedicating Crystals
Learn how to combine Sound Healing with Crystals
Releasing Pain from the Body using Sound and Crystals

3. Drumming
Understanding the Power of the Drum in Sacred Work
Understanding the Effects of Different Rhythms
Drumming for Shamanic Journeys

4. Chant / Mantra Workshop
The Effect of Mantra on the Body, Mind and Energy
Basic History of Sanskrit Language
Simple Sanskrit Pronunciation
Toning, Chanting, Mantra and Meditation
Awareness of your Inner Experience
Learning Chants

5. Sound Healing With Himalayan Bowls
Brief History of Himalayan Bowls
Different types of Bowl, their Origin and Purpose
The Effect of the Bowls on the Human Body
Learning How to Play the Bowls - Different Techniques
Giving a Singing Bowl Treatment
Receive a Singing Bowl Bath
Purchasing Bowls - What to look for

6. Overtoning And Harmonics
What are Overtones and Harmonics
Learn how to create Overtones and Harmonics
Mongolian Overtoning

7. Sound Healing With Gongs
Brief History of the Gong
Different Types of Gong
The Effect of the Gong on the Human Body
Learning How to Play the Gong - Different Techniques
How to Give a Gongbath to Individuals and Groups
Receive a Gongbath

8. Sound Healing And Nature
Connecting with the Deep Healing Potential of Nature through Sound
Working with the Power of the Elements
Releasing Pain through Connecting with Nature
Tuning in with Plants

9. Naad Yoga - The Yoga Of Sound
The Yoga of Sound
The Science of Raga
Relax and Rejuvenate the Body
Balance and Pacify the Mind
Uplift and Strengthen the Spirit

10. Sound Healing With Tuning Forks
Understanding the Different types of Tuning Forks
Learn how to use Tuning Forks for Healing
Clearing the Aura
Balancing the Chakras

11. Sound And Sacred Gardening
How to Create a Sacred Garden
Sound and Sacred Geometry in our Gardens
Working with Nature and the Seasons
Creating a Healing Relationship with our Gardens
Practising Deep Listening in the Garden
Gardening with Love and Gratitude
Growing Food for the Soul

12. Sound Healing With Crystal Bowls
The Different Types of Crystal Bowls
Techniques for Playing the Crystal Bowls
Cleansing your Bowls
Using Crystal Bowls in a Sound Healing Session
Experience a Crystal Bowl Meditation

13. Angels And Sound Workshops
Connecting with the Angels
Healing Ourselves
Singing Bowls and Breath Work
Working with Sound
Meditation and Chants

14. Let Your Soul Sing!
Introducing ‘The Naked Voice’ Methodology
Develop More Confidence in Your Voice
Connect With Your Creativity
Learn New Chants
Develop Deep Listening
Moving and Sounding Meditations
Using Your Voice to Experience Oneness

15. Harmonium
Harmonium Stage 1

  • History of the Harmonium and its' early use
  • Different types of Harmonium
  • The role of the Harmonium in Chanting
  • Learning to play
  • The Shruti Box
  • Playing Simple Chants and Mantras

Harmonium Stage 2

  • Learning easy and more complex Chants
  • More advanced fingering
  • Including a drone
  • Playing chords
  • Working with a Tabla player
  • Starting a chanting group

16. Soundscape
Learn Techniques to Improve Your Sound and Gain Confidence using Your Voice
Explore the Use of Physical Space and Relationship to other Voices
Connect with others in a Deep Listening Space
Experiment with Combining Voice with Gongs, Tibetan Bowls and other Instruments
Work Creatively with a Group to Create a Sound Cycle for 'Performance'
Give and Receive Soundbaths

17. Digeridoo Healing
The History of Sound Healing with the Didgeridoo
Techniques used when Healing with the Didgeridoo
Receiving and Giving Sound Healing with the Didgeridoo
How it Works, Looking at Recent Research
Benefits for the Client of Didgeridoo Healing
Feedback and Discussion
Helpful Tips Including What Books to Read

18. Song Meditation
Developing Better Breath Control
Learning Chants and Simple Songs
Allowing the Chant/Song/Harmony to become the Focus of a Meditation
Learning Gentle yet Effective Vocal Techniques
Exploring Harmony with the Voice
Learning to Appreciate and Enjoy your Voice

19. Sound And Colour
Balancing the Chakras with Sound and Colour
The Language of Colour
Colour Relevance to the Chakras as Portals of Consciousness
Self-Healing, Nurture and Inner Listening
Using Sound and Colour for Healing Treatments
Finding your True Colours

20. The Magical Resonance Of Celtic Sounds
Celtic use of Sacred Sound
Working with the Sacred Sound Arwen
Celtic Circle of Existence Practises
Sound Healing in the Beautiful Gardens

21. College Of Sound Healing Summer Gathering
Meeting and Sharing Sound Healing
Sacred Sounds in the Sound Peace Chamber
Whirling Meditation with Sound
Sound Healing with Sacred Geometry
Improvisation and Spontaneous Songs
Group Sound Healings

22. Seasonal Sounds Days
Sound Exploration of the Energies of the Seasons
Sounding in the Sound Chamber and the Beautiful Gardens
Using Sound and Movement to Connect with the Seasons
Sound and the Elements of the Seasons

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