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    Yvonne Diment

    Yvonne lives in Arundel, West Sussex. She has always had an interest in the environment, wildlife and history and finds herself perfectly located in this area of the South Downs National Park. This beautiful location provides a wonderful background and a lovely energy environment for her therapies and teaching.

    Following a career change from school teaching, Yvonne began her therapy journey as a Reflexologist. Her interests are now focussed on the power of vibrational healing through Sound and Crystals. She feels that fundamental healing occurs at emotional and energetic levels and Sound is one of the best ways of working on these levels.

    Yvonne has always loved teaching in its various manifestations in her life. Now, as a teacher of workshops and accredited courses, her main interest is in giving people tools to work with on their own journeys.

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For more information, visit Yvonne's website or contact Yvonne by email or phone on 07740429774.

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